Director’s Message 


Natural Resource Management (NRM)
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Here, we truly understand your needs and concerns of your investment projects in Cambodia.

Through legitimacy and institutional arrangements, the Royal Government of Cambodia and key partners have carefully paid serious attentions on environmental pollution and natural resource management.

Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) has been legitimated as a mandatory obligation to approve investment projects in order to avoid and reduce impacts on environmental, social and cultural resources.

Assessment & Solution Co. Ltd. (A&S) has been officially registered and recognized by the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Environment as a truly qualified consulting firm to provide ESIA services in Cambodia. A&S has wide-ranging experiences, expertise and good collaborations in assuring the best qualified impact assessment in every investment context.

Please do contact us for further consultation and support in fulfilling your obligations on ESIA and other strategic actions and studies.

We will be always delighted to work with you!    


Our vision is to be a quality and confident partner towards development.


MISSION: A&S works with all stakeholders to provide the right services and technical support that promotes successful investment and environmental and social protection.


EXCELLENCE: We strive to achieve perfection in all our actions.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are responsible for our actions.

SUSTAINABILITY: We believe that this business can be successful as long as there is a combination of environmental, social and economic factors.

EFFECIENCY: We work smarter and more effectively with stakeholders.

UPDATE: We work creatively and try to learn every step of the way.

HIGH COMMITMENT: We struggle to overcome all obstacles and overcome all problems.